Announcing Paper Connect

Announcing Paper Connect

Our Embedded Wallet Service allows you to create web3 wallets for your users tied to their emails. Your customers no longer have to worry about gas, seed phrases, and all the other confusing crypto terms to get onboarded to your app.

And today, we’re excited to launch PaperConnect which makes our Embedded Wallets even more useful, by enabling token-gated experiences at scale.

What is PaperConnect

PaperConnect allows dApps to request wallet addresses for the Embedded Wallets that users created on your app.  With just a few clicks, users can connect any of their Embedded Wallets to any dApp using our easy-to-use PaperConnect login flow. (This allows them to verify that they hold a certain NFT or certain tokens required for certain events or experiences.)

How it works

  1. Developers generate a login URL with the PaperConnect login API, providing their developer API key and a redirect URL where users will be brought once they’ve completed the login flow.
  2. Users navigate to the generated login URL and sign in to their Paper account with an email and an OTP code sent to their inbox.
  3. Users select which of their Embedded Wallets they want to share, granting read-only access to the dApp they’re connecting to.
  4. Once confirmed they will be sent to the specified redirect URL with an access token that developers can exchange for verified wallet information.

It’s as simple as that! The PaperConnect flow gives developers the tools they need to provide first-class service to any user with a Paper Embedded Wallet; and gives users an easy way to share wallet information with any dApp they want, enabling them to bring their wallet activity with them as they travel the decentralized web.

Read more about the PaperConnect flow here