Announcing Quickstart: Deploy thirdweb NFT contracts using Paper

Announcing Quickstart: Deploy thirdweb NFT contracts using Paper

We just partnered with thirdweb to launch Quickstart.

It’s a major improvement for brands looking to get an NFT project live as fast as possible.

Quickstart allows you to Airdrop NFTs or create an NFT Checkout in just 2 steps.

The Backstory

Last week, Decrypt came to us to launch an NFT for their Mr. Brainwash collection.

The ask?

A simple way to launch an NFT and allow people with no knowledge of crypto to claim it.

At the time, we sent ‘em this list of instructions:

  • Navigate to
  • Deploy your NFT contract in their dashboard
  • Create claim conditions
  • Navigate to
  • Register your contract
  • Create an NFT Checkout or an Airdrop

Kinda crazy right? All they wanted was a simple NFT.

But they had to jump through sooooo many steps to make that happen.

We realized just how awful this experience was, so we hit up thirdweb to see if you could do anything about it.

Turns out, we could.

And today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve reduced the number of steps to get your NFT live from 7 → 2

  • Create & deploy a thirdweb NFT contract using Paper
  • Create your NFT Checkout or Airdrop

Here’s how it works…

We use thirdweb contracts under the hood:

  • NFT Signature Drop: Each NFT is unique
  • NFT Edition Drop: Each NFT is the same, but with a set supply
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How to Create an NFT Edition Drop

You get all the benefits of thirdweb’s contracts out of the box:

  • Audited contracts
  • Fully extensible
  • Gas optimized

It works with both our Airdrops product and our NFT Checkouts Product.

Now you can spin up an NFT contract & get ‘em in the hands of thousands of people in less <5 minutes.

NFT Crowd

To get started, you can sign up here and head to Dashboards → Contracts → Create contract.

PS: We'll be hosting a Twitter space with thirdweb at 6pm PT on Wednesday, April 26th to talk about this and more. See you there!