Improved 'Register Contract' Flow

Improved 'Register Contract' Flow
Improved 'Register Contract' Flow

We’ve revamped the flow for registering your contract in the developer dashboard.

The old process (tedious):

  1. A user would click on the 'register' button and a modal would appear.
  2. You’d have to manually fill out all the fields.
  3. There was an optional 'debug mint' method that most people ignored

Here’s why it was a pain:

  • Inefficient & 'clunky'. EVM chains had different groups of contract types, but different contract types within those groups only supported a subset of EVM chains.
  • Devs often pasted incorrect ABIs → future issues
  • Devs often overlooked checking if their 'mintMethod' was valid → future issues

The new process (simple, beautiful, work of art):

  1. Paste your link to a block explorer or thirdweb.
  2. Check your mintMethod is valid and we’ll tell you what you need to fix


The new process simplifies contract minting. It automates contract type checking, ABI querying, and basic info retrieval. It alerts you about unsupported 'mintMethods' and guides you to correct them.

Also, we launched a new feature that allows 'contractArgs/mintMethod' setting, enabling shareable checkout links using only a contractId.

You can access these links at immediately after choosing your mint method.