Introducing PayWithCrypto

We've revamped PayWithCrypto, making it even easier for your buyers to purchase NFTs using different types of cryptocurrencies!

Introducing PayWithCrypto

A new way to pay

With PayWithCrypto you can allow buyers to purchase NFTs using different types of crypto. If an NFT is minted on Polygon for example, buyers use MATIC (Polygon’s native token) to purchase the NFT. PayWithCrypto gives your buyers the option to purchase with Ethereum instead, saving time and lowering the barrier to entry that comes with bridging ETH to MATIC.

We’ve made the PayWithCrypto checkout flow shorter and simpler by replacing Coinbase Commerce with our own in-house payment rails. This makes it even easier to offer additional methods of payment to your buyers.

Previous state of PayWithCrypto

In our early release of PayWithCrypto we plugged Coinbase Commerce into our checkout flow to enable buyers to pay using different types of cryptocurrency. This made the user flow choppier, prompting users to either connect their Coinbase account or to send the specified cryptocurrency to a transfer address.

This checkout experience left room for user error such as

  • Paying on the wrong chain
  • Accidentally over or underpaying when transferring cryptocurrency

Current state of PayWithCrypto

To improve the user experience and eliminate the risk of user error, PayWithCrypto now requests funds directly from your wallet. This enhanced flow offers a greater sense of confidence when buying as well as removes the extra steps needed to make the purchase.

PayWithCrypto is also now part of our React SDK, meaning that you can offer a white labelled experience to your buyers. Want to experience it yourself? We've created a sandbox environment where you can test out the PayWithCrypto end-user experience.

Who should add PayWithCrypto to their checkout?

Anyone who is looking to offer more flexibility to their buyers should consider adding PayWithCrypto to their checkout flow. The main benefit to buyers is having the opportunity to purchase your NFTs without having to bridge crypto when dealing with L2 chains such as MATIC.

As it currently stands, the process of bridging crypto consists of multiple steps, time, and the cost of additional transaction fees when transferring. Individuals must find a blockchain bridge, connect their wallet, ensure enough crypto is in the wallet to both transfer and cover gas fees, transfer the intended amount, then wait until the transaction is processed. Although these steps may appear simple at a glance, they can look different depending on your wallet provider and what chains you are using which can add to the stress and complexity of bridging.

PayWithCrypto makes it easy for your buyers to purchase your NFTs without having to think about bridging. This allows you to tap into larger audiences and acquire additional sales that might otherwise have been lost due to the extra steps needed to bridge cryptocurrencies.

Implementing PayWithCrypto

Adding PayWithCrypto to your checkout is simple, it can be done through our no-code dashboard or through our React SDK.

  • No-code Dashboard: All you need to do is ensure "Allow paying with cryptocurrency" is toggled on in your Paper Dashboard

That’s it! 🤩 Our mission at Paper is to make NFTs more accessible for everyone. We believe this will accelerate progress towards a better, more decentralized world. If you’re looking to learn more about us or need help getting set up, join our Discord community or contact us at Follow us on Twitter for more product updates or subscribe to our blog down below!