Paper x Brex Billboard

Paper x Brex Billboard
Paper x Brex Billboard

If you’ve landed on this page, we accomplished our mission. We got you to Google us.

What is Paper?

Paper brings the familiarity of web2 to web3. Wallets with just an email. NFT payments with just a credit card. We remove the annoying pop-ups and painful transaction fees by allowing you to sign transactions and sponsor gas for your users. You can get started with Paper here.

So how did we get you to Google us?

To make something that gets shared, you need to create an emotional response.

Some examples:

  • Holy sh*t, that’s crazy
  • Awe! That’s so cute
  • HAHAHAH. That’s hilarious
  • Finally, someone said it

We chose #3, humor.

Our constraints

We wanted to 1) be silly and 2) take a stance for something we believed in. At the same time, we had to color within the lines that Brex provided us:

  • One sentence
  • One image
  • With neither of those calling out a customer directly

I think we did pretty well given the constraints. What do you think?