Product Round-up: Improving Paper's Integration Experience

Introducing better error messages, improved visibility into each transaction, added testnet support, & more!

Product Round-up: Improving Paper's Integration Experience

Building with Paper just got easier! ✨ Throughout the months of November and December, our engineering team has made a handful of improvements to our integration experience. Say hello to better error messages, improved visibility into each transaction, and more.

Testnet improvements

Creating test checkouts is an important precursor to creating successful production checkouts. This is why we added testnet support for USDC and have added the ability to view testnet NFTs within your Paper wallet!

Toggle on or off testnets in your Paper Wallet to view testnet NFTs
Read how to price your NFTs in USDC  here 🔗

When using a custom contract with our Checkout Links product, specifying your mint method and eligibility methods is now a breeze. After linking your contract, Paper pulls a list of all of the functions in your contract in a handy drop-down menu. With this, you can easily select which functions are used for minting and determining mint eligibility. After selecting the function from the drop-down, Paper's UI will also show if the function meets the necessary requirements to be Paper-compatible.

Select mint and eligibility methods from a drop-down

A better way to view and understand transactions

Transactions on the blockchain can feel like a black box sometimes– when transactions fail, it can be difficult to understand right away why this might be the case. Introducing... a timeline view of failed transactions to understand what is happening with each of your transactions.

Transaction Statuses

Purchases page within your Developer Dashboard

This dashboard can be found on the Purchases page. A summary of the statuses you may encounter are as follows:

Purchases page status legend

For transactions with the status 'Payment Failed' hovering over the status will provide more insight into what error occurred so you can debug faster! ⚡️

Transaction Pages

Each transaction listed on the Purchases page can also be clicked on to reveal a details page with more information about the NFT price, wallet used, payment method used, and the on-chain attempts made to successfully mint the NFT.

Transaction detail page

Clicking the 'Transaction Hash' under On Chain Attempts will lead to a Tenderly dashboard page to give you even more transaction insights than what can be found on Etherscan. 🙌

Enhanced error messaging

We know how frustrating generic error messages can be, so, we've made sure the majority of our error messages let you know what the error is, why it occurred, and how to fix it. If you run into any ambiguous error messages, let us know in Discord!

Detailed documentation

Our docs are evolving! Great documentation = a great developer experience– we've updated our Integration Guide and have cleaned up and simplified various pages within our docs to make them easier to understand.

There you have it– Paper's latest integration improvements in under 600 words! 🙌 We hope you enjoy these new changes and if you have any other suggestions, pop by our Discord to let us know!

About Paper

Paper offers NFT on-ramping infrastructure to help developers, games, creators, and platforms build the best NFT checkout experiences. We offer an end-to-end checkout solution that provides both back-end payments infrastructure, the front-end UX as well as the ability to create email-based wallets. Founded in early 2022 by James Sun and Edward Sun, Paper's mission is to make NFTs more accessible and useful for everyone. To date, Paper has worked with over 2500+ developers, creators, and brands such as NYFW, Fractal, YesTheory, deadmau5, and MightyJaxx.